Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tell me about your cute cats

Do you have a cute cat? Is that naughty?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Cute Cats:

Cute Cats:
How to choose the food for your cute cats:
When we buy food at the superstore, we choose by how the food is presented. Then we taste it and know if it is good or not. However, you will not know if your cute cats like the food you buy for it. So you need some close attention and techniques to make sure that you choose the right pet’s food.
There are some points that you get to remember. First of all, you need to read the ingredients posted on the bottle or can. First go on line and check out what the requirements for cute cats are, and then check out if the ingredients match the needs of your cute cats. Another method is to allow your cute cats try a variety of food, rather than stay with the same one. Observe your cute cats’ reaction to the food, and judge which your cats like most. This is very important because you will never know how the food tastes. You don’t want your best friends “cute cats” to lose the enjoyment of food. Or you may risk by forcing your cute cats eating the things that they don’t enjoy for their whole life.
Don’t just stick on the advertisements. Those are meaningless. The quality is what makes the differences. If you love your cats truly, provide them the best living environment!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cute Cats
Hi, do you know who I am? How old I am now? You may think I am very small; however, I am very smart!! See, I am looking for food in this bag!! Disappointed! It is empty! How poor I am! Help, meow... I look hungry, right? I need energy in order to get stronger and catch mice for the society’s safety. My responsibility is so heavy. Please sponsor me...thanks...
People provide fish have the priority...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Cute cats

Cute Cats
My neighbour has a cute cat which always comes out for bright sunshine. Cute cat is black, with white frame fur for eyes. Cute cat is very lazy and never bother to get up when I walk by closely. She lies on the ground, and stretches out all her feet to receive as much as sunlight as possible. Cute cats’ eyes are half opened, and it seems that she dwells on something important or she is very emotional.

Cute cat does not play with the children in the neighbourhood. Like what I do, she watches them. Sometimes cute cat raises her tail high and yawns with her mouth open at an angle of 90 degree. Then she will walk around with heavy steps. This cute cat seems to be really old. However, in fact she is only 2...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh, cute cat, what should I do with you?!

I don’t know if I am stupid, I have hamster, golden fish and cat as pets simultaneously, which provides the cat great environment to exercise. I am very worried about hamster, because he is the oldest pet in the family. Before the existence of cat, he had such a comfortable life and ran around in the room freely. Hamster liked sleeping and kept it 14 hours a day. However, since the appearance of cat, he changed his habit. No long does he sleep during the days, but to keep conscious and aware of all the dangers from cat. Sometimes hamster even makes some noise which sounds very anxious. I have no choice at all. I can not get rid of my cute cat, or any of the three.

Although the golden fish has not sensed the danger, I truly understand cute cat will threaten its poor life!!

I try to give cute cat lessons and tell her in this house everyone is equal and you can not hurt anyone. However, she never pays attention. I also put the cage of hamster on the high shelf. However, cats can get to anywhere.

Oh, cute cat, what should I do with you?!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cute cats

Cute Cats
One of my friends adopted a cat several years ago. Recently, she kept going out and dating with a boy cat next door. He tried to stop it, however, no use. His cat kept scratching the door and interfered with her boss boldly!! He finally gave up and allowed her to pursue love freedom. Later he found that his cat became a good girl that she did not attempt to go out anymore. “Maybe they break up!” He said.

However, he did not even know how many days later, a crew of little cats appeared. They have opened their eyes and played with each other happily. To his great surprise, his cat became quite cold with him and did not allow anybody to get close to her area. That was completely different from before.

My friend complained about her cute cat. I told him that he should be happy for a bigger family.

Later he said I was right. When the little cats were strong enough to jump up and down, they all got very close to my friend. All of the cute little cats added a new warm atmosphere to the family!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cute Cats
How to care your cats
Kitty has a cat, it is a birthday present. She loves it so much and calls it Mimi. The cat is a combine of white and black. Its eyes are very attractive. Kitty likes to play with her cat. However, she hates its nails. Mimi gets sharp and pointed nails and they get caught on Kitty’s clothes all the time. So she thinks nails should be cut off. Later she finds out that it is actually very painful for Mimi to have her nails off. Their nails are not like ours. How to solve the problem? One way to solve the problem is to make shoes for your cat. Get some old clothes and cut a little piece and make it suitable for your little cat. Or before you finger your cat or put it in your arm, make it feel safe and easy. Then its paws will keep soft and the pointed nails will not get you in trouble. Anyway, don’t cut your cute cat’s nails. It is painful and inhuman!
Cute cats like to scratch things. It may damage your valuable sofa or other furniture. However, be prepared to accept the fact before you adopt a cat. It is important that you can tolerant it and make your cute cat feel safe at your home. Or keep your valuable things away from your cat. However, it is better to provide your cat with bigger activity area.